Ancient Origins

Discovering and Reclaiming Our Ancient Origins

Our Ancient Origins

Reviving History

We sometimes ask, “Why am I here?”, and “where did I come from?” “What are my ancient origins?” There are many websites devoted to these questions among others, most of them are full of sensationalism and out-of-this-world hypotheses.

Without rewriting the ancient texts, we give a clearer understanding of ancient texts based on the mindset and worldview of the writer of the text whether it is Hebrew, Aramaic, Akkadian, or even Sumerian text. We give you easy-to-understand textual criticisms of the texts with links and references that you can follow up the evidence we give.

And we try to give accurate information as to where our ancient origins began

Ancient Origin Texts

We have many resources that we use for our ancient textual criticisms, Many universities around the world hold many ancient texts that have already been translated by scholars whether they are cuneiform texts, biblical texts, or even hieroglyphics. And we will be adding more and more all the time. We mainly focus on the Ancient Near East, but we also have knowledge of roman, greek, and Egyptian texts on our ancient origins. Coming soon Our Ancient Origins will include ancient mesoamerican codexes to our index.

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