Definition of Sumer

Definition of Sumer

Ancient Near East Sumer
Definition of Sumer

[ soo-mer ]

/ ˈsu mər /


an ancient region in southern Mesopotamia that contained a number of independent cities and city-states of which the first was established possibly as early as 5000 b.c.: conquered by the Elamites and, about 2000 b.c., by the Babylonians; a number of its cities, like Ur, Uruk, Kish, and Lagash, are major archaeological sites in southern Iraq.

Example sentences from the Web for Sumer

  • Also, the Bible clearly places the Garden of Eden “eastward,” near the Mesopotamian empire of Sumer.The Truth About Genesis|Bruce Feiler|September 18, 2009|DAILY BEAST
  • There is one fact, however, which seems to indicate that it really is either Sumer or Northern Babylonia that is meant.Patriarchal Palestine|Archibald Henry Sayce
  • The sumer of 1855 found Miss Swain, then twenty-one years of age, teaching a few private pupils in the village.Clara A. Swain, M.D.|Mrs. Robert Hoskins
  • After a quarter of a century had elapsed, Akkad and Sumer were overswept by the fierce Gutium from the north-eastern mountains.Myths of Babylonia and Assyria|Donald A. Mackenzie
  • These much disputed terms, Sumer and Accad, are, according to MM.A History of Art in Chalda & Assyria, v. 1|Georges Perrot
  • Originally foreigners, invaders from Akkad or Sumer, the pharaohs first conquered, then surprised.The Lords of the Ghostland|Edgar Saltus

British Dictionary definitions for Sumer


/ (ˈsuːmə) /


the S region of Babylonia; seat of a civilization of city-states that reached its height in the 3rd millennium bc

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