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Anunna Gods Of The Ancient Near East 0 (0)

There is much confusion and misinformation about the Mesopotamian Anunna gods also called Anuna or Anunnaki. Many so-called authors and self-styled ‘self-taught scholars’ have made sensational claims about these Mesopotamian gods, including statements that they come from a planet called “Nibiru”, and that ancient texts proclaim things that no real scholar can find in any […]Continue Reading
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The Sumerians to the end of the Early Dynastic period Despite the Sumerians’ leading role, the historical role of other races should not be underestimated. While with prehistory only approximate dates can be offered, historical periods require a firm chronological framework, which, unfortunately, has not yet been established for the first half of the 3rd…Continue Reading
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or Ac·ca·di·an [ uh-key-dee-uhn, uh-kah- ]/ əˈkeɪ di ən, əˈkɑ- /nounthe eastern Semitic language, now extinct, of Assyria and Babylonia, written with a cuneiform of the Akkadian people.Obsolete. Sumerian.adjectiveof or belonging to Akkad.of or relating to the eastern Semitic language called Akkadian.Obsolete. Sumerian.QUIZZESTHIS WORD OF THE DAY QUIZ IS HARDLY A DODDLE!But you can…Continue Reading
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Akkadian language, also spelled Accadian, also called Assyro-Babylonian, extinct Semitic language of the Northern Peripheral group, spoken in Mesopotamia from the 3rd to the 1st millennium bce.Akkadian spread across an area extending from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf during the time of Sargon (Akkadian Sharrum-kin) of the Akkad dynasty, who reigned from about…Continue Reading