The Ancient Anunnaki According to Sitchin

The Ancient Anunnaki According to Sitchin

Zachariah Sitchin Debunked
The Ancient Anunnaki According to Sitchin
The Ancient Anunnaki
Pictured is an Apkallu or Assyrian genie that Sitching wrongly identifies as one of the Anunna

The Ancient Anunnaki according to the pseudoscience of debunked author Zachariah Sitchin

The Ancient Anunnaki are often referred to as the immortal gods that lived on Earth during the ancient Sumerian time in Mesopotamia.

According to Mesopotamian mythology, the Anunna or Anunnaki were, initially, the most powerful gods and lived with Anu in heaven.

Later, without having established a clear motive for this change, the Igigi were considered as celestial gods while the term Anunna was used to designate the gods of the Underworld, The seven gods who served as judges in the Underworld.

The Gods Had To Perform Labor

In the myth of Atrahasis it is stated that, before the creation of man, the gods had to work to live.

Then, the Anunna made a category of inferior gods, the Igigi work for them, until they rebelled and refused to continue working.

Then Enki created humanity so that it continued performing the tasks that the minor gods had abandoned and through cult would provide food to the gods.

In the Enûma Elish, it was Marduk who created humanity and then divided the Anunna between heaven and earth and assigned them tasks.

Next, the Anunna, grateful to Marduk, founded Babylon and built a temple in his honor, called Esagila.

So, who were the Anunnaki?

The reinvention of the Anunna term through its Akkadian form, Anunnaki, arose in 1964, after the publication of the book Ancient Mesopotamia: Portrait of a Dead Civilization, by Adolph Leo Oppenheim, who popularized this concept which was taken by different blogs and characters from the esoteric world and pseudoscientific portals.

Author Zecharia Sitchin published a dozen books known as Chronicles of the Earth from the 1970s where he “interpreted” the works of scholars in a unique way and described in great detail the ancient Anunnaki.

In his Books, Sitchin offered interpretations on the translations of ancient Sumerian clay tablets and texts which were written in a cuneiform script that describes the Anunnaki.

In the book the 12th Planet, Sitchin tells the arrival of the ancient Anunnaki to Earth from a supposed planet called Nibiru about 450,000 years ago in which he does not give any sources or cite any tablets. He describes them as tall beings about 3 meters in height with white skin (again citing no tablet or sources for this), long hair, and having long beards. The ancient Anunnaki then settled in Mesopotamia and he blatantly lies and says the tablets say that by genetic engineering they accelerated the evolution of the Neanderthal to Homo Sapiens contributing their own genetics. And the reason they did so was the need for slave workers to dig for gold in gold mines. Of course, these descriptions are nowhere to be found in any tablets from Sumer, Akkad, Babylon, or anywhere in Mesopotamia.

We, Cant, Replicate Their Technology

However, according to Sitchin’s writings, the technology and power of the Anunnaki is something our civilization cannot replicate even today in the 21st century. But years of digging from numerous archeological sites no high technology has been found, and not even a tablet describing this supposed high technology

Sitchin also stated that the ancient inhabitants of his make-believe planet Nibiru had the ability for space travel and genetic engineering 450,000 years ago, (again not mentioned in any tablet) and that they would have left traces of their existence all over Earth with small clues pointing to a still unknown technology that is present in various forms in the construction of pyramids (Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec and Chinese), in the megalithic site of Stonehenge, in the supposed “spaceport of Baalbeck”, in the Nazca lines and in Machu Picchu although non of these cultures were Mesopotamian or shared the language or beliefs of Sumer or any other Mesopotamian culture.

The theories are many, and what some scholars refer to as a mythological species, others point towards interstellar travelers, that came to Earth thousands of years ago.

But if the ancient Anunnaki were real? Who were they and who was the first of them? What is their bloodline and can we trace them back in history to specific deities?

If you would like to read about the ancient Anunnaki for yourself The ETCSL (Electronic Text Corpus of the Sumerian Languge), Many translated tablets for you to read for yourself. Wikipedia also has many entries on the Anunna where you can start here.

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